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04/10/13 Killimanjaro climber - Field head, upper mayfieldJames OHalleran is climbing killimanjaro for Mayfield First Responders.

Jim has taken part in an amazing charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Jim volunteers as a driver for the Ellastone and Mayfield First Responder group, together with Nicola, the group’s coordinator.  He has completed the expedition in order to raise funds for both the Responsible Gambling Trust and Mayfield and the Ellastone First Responder Group. During the seven-day expedition Jim, together with 27 other adventurers, endured low temperatures, high winds and altitude sickness but managed to scale the 19,341ft mountain.

Before he left Ashbourne Telegraph interviewed him:

 “At 62 years of age, I’m hoping that this expedition will give me an opportunity to prove to myself that I am still fit and capable of completing such a physical and mental task. One of the biggest challenges that I will face on the expedition is being way from my wife for 10 days – this will be the longest that we have ever been apart. Hopefully, I’ll have plenty of stories to tell her when I return home”.

 Jim is has raised a fantastic £15,000 for the responders. Mount Kilimanjaro comprises of three distinct volcanic cones and the national park is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the world’s largest freestanding mountain and around 25,000 people per year attempt to summit the top of Africa.

 Picture courtesy of the Ashbourne Telegraph.

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