How can I make sure that the emergency crew get to my house ASAP?

Make sure that your house number or house name is clearly visible from the road – you would be surprised how much time is lost by searching for a house.

Light up your house like a Christmas tree so that it stands out.

Put pets away.

Get the front door open – remember that the First Responder team is local and that we can be at your house sometimes in less that 2 minutes.

Get personal details ready of the patient (especially if they have a difficult name to spell) – also see below:

What does the First Responder want to know when they come through your door?


#Hopefully we will never have to meet you in our role as first responders. However, here is a list that you may wish to either a) download as a PDF and print out via the link below or b) copy, paste to a word document and fill in for yourself or for someone else and put somewhere obvious (e.g. near the front door):

Essential details

 Click the link above for a printable version of the form below.


 Essential Information form for Emergency Teams: (Please note that we will still ask you a lot of these questions, as it enables us to assess your alertness & present condition)


Essential Information for Emergency Teams

Latest Update:  ….……/……….…/………….



Preferred Name if different:


Date of Birth:

Doctor & Practice:

 NHS Number:

Blood Group:


Important extra Information:


  • My blood pressure is usually  LOW / NORMAL / HIGH / DON’T KNOW
  • Allergies –                            YES / NO
  • Diabetic –                              YES / NO
  • Epileptic –                            YES / NO
  • Smoker -                               YES / NO
  • Wear glasses –                   YES / NO
  • Wear dentures -                YES / NO
  • Wear a hearing aid –       YES / NO
  • I normally walk               Unassisted / other…


Medication  +  last prescription  +  where  kept

(Please update whenever there is a change)








People to Contact / Next of Kin + phone:






Whilst in hospital, this is the person who will shut up and look after the house and/or look after the pets:




History of any medical condition     …../…../…….

(Please date the information now and add the date next to any future amendments)

Any medical notes or a care plan folder?    YES / NO      (If YES – where can we find details?)



Recently been to hospital?                             YES / NO                (If YES – where can we find details?)




 The two Ashbourne Medical Surgeries

Clifton Road Surgery     Ashbourne Health Centre


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